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Can I renew my books online?


Yes! See: Renew Books Online (PDF instructions)


Go to:

Click “Your Library Account”

Your username will be first name <space> last name as it appears on your student ID card. Your password will be fe followed by your ID number, OMITTING THE FINAL DIGIT if you have replaced your ID card in the past.  All passwords are nine digits in length.  If your card number is less than nine digits, precede your id number with zeros until you get to nine numeric digits.

For example, your credentials might be:

USERNAME: donald livingston
PASSWORD: fe000012345

Click the link for items you have currently checked out

Select the items you wish to renew and click Renew Marked OR simply click Renew All. Note: Laptops, Chromebooks, Calculators, DVDS, and other non-book items cannot be renewed online.